Academia2Link specialises in the placement for both national and foreign students to UK and Irish colleges and universities.

You can find below a list of courses we can help you with.

Applied Science Courses

The study of Applied Science will provide you with not only a broad understanding of a variety of scientific principles but also the skill to apply your knowledge to solve problems and provide solutions to a variety of situations – vital skills sought by employers and therefore a particular advantage when entering the workforce.

Construction Courses

Studying building and construction courses can lead to a variety of career opportunities in the building and construction industry, including working for large and small construction firms or even running your own business.

Business Courses

A business degree opens up so many opportunities. If you want to  run any kind of business, whether it’s a big multinational organisation, or as an entrepreneur, then you’ll need to study a business or management course.

Design & Media Courses

The Design & Media Courses offers fundamental and specialist skills for those interested in working in the creative sector. The Certificate in Creative Technologies develops practical skills unique to the visual arts and digital media fields. Further your study options with Diploma in Design & Media Courses, .

Engineering Courses

Careers in engineering and technology are as diverse as the subject they specialise in. Graduates can find work as software engineers, computer programmers, computer system analysts, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, nuclear engineers, civil engineers, industrial designers, aerospace engineers, and more.

Nursing, Health and Social Care Courses

The exciting and innovative courses in Health, Social Care and Nursing at provide students with invaluable experience in a variety of different healthcare settings allowing them to develop professional skills to a high standard.

IT Courses

Information Technology courses offer students a chance to expand on their computer skills and learn how to apply their technical expertise professionally.

Tourism & Hospitality Courses

​Make a career out of your love for globetrotting with a tourism and hospitality skills-based courses .You’ll gain relevant applied practical skills in hotel operations, restaurant management, and integrated event management as well as a solid grounding in practical business skills

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