Being awarded a prestigious degree from an English-speaking university is the first step towards a successful international career. Through Academia2Link you will reap the benefits of our extensive network of partner institutions and our experience in guiding students through the admissions process.

Our dedicated staff can help you gain entry to graduate and undergraduate courses at universities in the UK and Ireland

University Placement Services

Our placement services are dedicated to matching each student with the best possible academic program. To facilitate the placement process, our knowledgeable placement specialists work with a full range of colleges and universities across UK and Ireland

Academia Link places students with the complete range of academic disciplines, including area studies, business, economics, education, international relations, science and technology, and social sciences, among others.

Academia2Link organises its placement staff according to field of study, allowing staff members to develop strong relationships not only with admissions officers, but also with professionals in academic departments. We utilises these extensive admissions and academic connections to the utmost benefit of the students being placed. To advise students about the best possible program options, Academia Link specialists keep abreast of the rapidly changing specialisations and trends within each field of study. Through an annual review of admissions information and other advising resources, Academia2Link specialists help students articulate their study objectives and identify academic programs that will best suit their study plans.

Academia2Link implements a three stage process that will match the student to the program. This process covers.

  • Application materials
  • Selecting and applying to Universities
  • Finalising placements

Academia2Link facilitates late placement by pre-identifying colleges or universities that will entertain late applications and/or reserve places for qualified applicants.
Academia2Link can also fast-track placements into degree and non-degree programs for those candidates identified late in the admission sea.

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